Providing services in Karachi, Pakistan

Carage is a mobile application which will help people in their car fixing at their doorstep. With the help of our car care app we will be disquieting the traditional way of car maintenance where people will be able to maintain each and every record of their car maintenance and will be notified that when their car needs to get a regular checkup or its tuning or any other mechanical work is due.
Carage will provide services at your door step and reach you within one day. We will have fully equipped mobile vehicle which carry each and every facility of computerized machinery and will have most of the spare parts. Even if we are short of any rare part then it’s our responsibility to arrange it for you. What you have to do is stay at your home in this current pandemic situation and there is no need to go out in this hot weather just call Carage to your home for:

  • Car wash and car detailing
  • Computerize car check up
  • Battery change
  • Performing automotive repairs
  • Repairing flat or burst tires
  • Other maintenance and repair services

Carage also aims to provide emergency facility in future. If you are going somewhere with your family and suddenly your car breaks down, you can call Carage to reach you and fix your car. You can easily get yourself registered with Carage and then they will notify you about your regular car check up. You can check your car history at their application just by entering your car’s registration number. This will help you to keep your car regularly maintain and it will ultimately result to enhance the age of your vehicle which is the main goal of Carage

We have upscale our business to Karachi via our trusted partners

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