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Carage renders you a brim-full variety of services to safeguard and elevate your car’s maintenance. You don’t have to drive your car to the garage and worry about booking a cab to your way back home or office because we are here to pick-up, fix and drop-off your car at your very own place within the
estimated amount of time. Our maintenance consists of the following services:

– We provide all car care services for your car including oil change, filter replacements, all fluid top-ups, battery and tyre fixes or replacement and much more.

– Rapid routine oil change service with top-quality refined oil.

– Properly working brakes are very important as they play an integral part in the running of a car. We guarantee you extensive break change service to fix or intensify your car’s braking performance.

– With our absolute Air Conditioning service, you can overpower UAE’s weather as it will give you mind-blowing performance.

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